Redefining Solar Technology

Israeli solar company, 3GSolar Photovoltaics (, together with Norwegian nanotech company Joma International, is developing technology which may well erase the carbon footprint of solar energy.   The company’s dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC) are third generation thin-film cells which can deliver solar power through the windows of the largest and most magnificent buildings. Concentrated direct sunlight is…

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Cleantech – Waste to Synergy

SOLID WASTE TREATMENT CONVERTS ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD INTO GREEN ENERGY “Waste not, want not” is how the saying goes. Current solid waste treatment system turns this old chestnut on its head. For waste-to-energy technologies, solid waste serves as an input for electricity, steam, district heating/cooling or desalination.  Having embraced waste incineration and “district heating” decades ago,…

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