Fresh produce from Israel: the Fruits of Innovation

Long before earning the nickname “start-up nation”, Israel was renowned for its innovation in agriculture. As is usually the case, necessity was the mother of invention. Given the rough desert conditions in much of the country, Israel was forced to create arable land in places where none existed before. Technology was developed to make the…

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Space – Partnering the Final Frontier

Israel has been selected to host the International Astronautical Federation’s 66th international conference in 2015. In the thirty years since its inception, the Israeli space program and the companies serving it have made their mark on the innovative, exhilarating and increasingly international aerospace industry. Savvy Satellites Israel’s space program was both figuratively and literally launched…

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HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE Social networks have been around for a while now and the ability to share videos, beat our BFFs at Angry Birds Friends and let our 1000 nearest and dearest in on even the smallest moments of our lives is enjoyed by all. With LinkedIn, social media migrated to business networking.…

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