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For the past 24 years, the Israel Scandinavia Business Magazine has been covered trade and economic cooperation between Israel and Scandinavia in many fields.

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nanomedicineNanomedicine in Israel and Scandinavia. Little than a glimmer in scientists’ eyes a decade ago, nanomedicine is coming into its own, promising breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases.

We also boldly go where we’ve never gone before – Deep Space. Israel has just signed on as a partner in the ESA Jupiter ICy mission to Jupiter.  We take this opportunity to explore the possibilities of Israeli-Scandinavian partnering in this and other European space initiatives, taking a birds-eye view of Israel’s aerospace industry.

Cyber-security represents another industry ripe for Israeli-Scandinavian commercial cooperation. The annual CyberTech Conference held in Tel Aviv gives us an opportunity to introduce a number of up-and-coming Israeli cyber firms to our readers.

In Cleantech, we profile collaboration between an Israeli and Norwegian company which may well change both the contour and economics of solar energy.

Tourism to Goteborg

View of Goteborg

The tourism section takes us to Sweden’s Göteborg, a city with its own archipelago brimming with character and ways to spend time.  We also catch up on exciting new venues for corporate Tourism in Copenhagen and unveil a new way to keep warm in the Finnish Arctic. We also make a stopover in Prague on our way to and from Tel Aviv, the destination featured in the section on Israeli Tourism. Brimming with cultural diversity and more than 60 things to do on any given day, their vision of Tel Aviv has been fulfilled.

The Food section focuses on innovations in fresh fruits and vegetables developed for Israeli agriculture. From antioxidant-rich black tomatoes to sweet seedless peppers and basil trees, Israeli agriculture never ceases to come up with new, exciting and functional fresh food products.

Houseware Design. Scandinavia takes its design seriously and has become synonymous with high quality and cutting edge innovation.  The Scandinavian design legacy is carefully cultivated and passed on to new generations of designers.

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